Regular Term-Time events

Mass @62 Monday 6pm, Tuesday 6pm, Wednesday 8am, Friday 6pm

Monday evenings Journey in Faith- 6.30pm (after Mass)

Friday evenings: Pints with Aquinas- 6.30pm (after Mass)

Open weekdays 8.30am-9pm, 10am-7pm Saturdays & 11am-7pm Sundays,  for registered Chaplaincy members. Please contact us to register for free access.


About 62 Park Place; The Catholic Chaplaincy

Bequeathed by the Edward Curran Trust, the original Catholic Chaplaincy at Cardiff University was located at a detached property at 45 Park Place, now partly under where the Student Life Centre now stands. In 1997, the University exchanged the deeds of 62 Park place and provided the land for what is now the Aquinas Hall behind the house. 62 Park Place and the Hall came under the ownership of the Curran Trust, which is now administered by the Trustees of the Archdiocese of Cardiff.

62 Remained the Chaplaincy hub from 1997, providing space for Mass, retreats, socials and study until 2015 when it was moved to Newman Hall; the house at Park Place then being used to explore various different private rental possibilities.

The Return

Due to its enormous potential as a centre for student usage, with a particularly advantageous location, the decision to re-locate the main Chaplaincy centre back to 62 Park Place was taken by the newly appointed current Chaplain, Fr Nicholas, in September 2021, with the agreement of the Archbishop and Trustees of the Archdiocese. The building has been significantly renovated, with Fr Nicholas and a team of volunteers stripping the walls back to original plaster where possible and repainting and re-furnishing the interior. This provides students with a keycode-accessible facility to have lunch, spend time throughout the day and evenings in the lounge and library areas and also take advantage of the house chapel, which will have the Blessed Sacrament present as well as offering a venue for daily Mass during term time.

The Aquinas hall at the rear of the building is still being rented out by BAM construction Ltd., who are working on the Student Life Centre but when we reacquire use of our facility, there are many potential opportunities for using the space both during the daytime and evenings.

Refurbishment archive

A look a what we started off with and the progress of getting 62 up and running over the August & September