During term time, Weekday & Sunday evening Masses are offered for both staff and students. At the moment, we are in the process of restoring the main Chaplaincy centre to 62 Park Place and will eventually be holding Sunday Mass in the Aquinas Hall to the rear of the building once BAM construction have finished their work on the Student Life Centre.

From 19th of September 2021, the main chaplaincy Sunday evening Mass will be held at our Cathedral on Charles Street 5:30 pm.

Term time Mass times:

Sundays- 5.30pm Cardiff Cathedral, Charles St, Cardiff city centre

As for 4th October 2021, we aim to offer the following schedule;

Mondays- 6pm House chapel, 62 Park Place (Followed by Journey in Faith/ RCIA catechesis)

Tuesdays- 6pm House chapel, 62 Park Place

Wednesdays- 8am House chapel, 62 Park Place

Thursdays- 5pm Holy Hour followed by 6pm Mass at Newman Hall Little oratory

Fridays- 6pm House chapel, 62 Park Place (Followed by Pints with Aquinas)

Saturdays- 11am Newman Hall Little oratory

Confessions 10.30am Saturdays (Newman Hall prior to Mass), Fridays 5.30pm at the Office in 62 (next to the library) or on request

Outside term time when Fr Nicholas is present, Masses are offered at the Newman Hall Little oratory chapel 6pm each weekday.