Newman Hall is our Catholic Halls of Residence, based on Colum Rd, six minutes walk North from 62 Park Place and located behind Nazareth House, on the junction between North Road and Colum Road. It is accessed through the Nazareth House staff car park.

We have 20 ensuite bedrooms in two separate sections of the house; 16 Undergraduate and 4 Postgraduate. We are in the process of changing the library (which has moved to 62 Park Place) into a common room and reconfiguring the Post-graduate section of the house so that it has more social and relaxation space for Post-graduate students. e also have a house chapel where the Blessed Sacrament is reserved for prayer and community Mass.

Although you don’t have to be a Catholic to live here, Newman Hall is part of the Catholic University Chaplaincy in Cardiff, which is entirely owned and funded by the Archdiocese of Cardiff. This means that we benefit from a particular Catholic ethos, build on the Cardinal (Prudence, Temperance, Patience and Fortitude) and Theological (Faith, Hope and Charity) virtues. This means that we seek to build up a safe, social environment where students look after each other and are nurtured with opportunities for intellectual formation and regular reception of the Sacraments.