Welcoming back our students to our Catholic Halls of residence, Newman Hall

Fr Nicholas Williams has, from the beginning of September 2021, taken up his position as full time Catholic chaplain. One of Fr Nicholas’ first decisions as Chaplain was to return the Chaplaincy centre to 62 Park Place; the refurbishments have largely been completed and we have now started to use it for evening Masses and Journey in Faith & Pints with Aquinas catechesis discussion groups.

In the meantime, we look forward to welcoming back our students to our Catholic Halls of residence, Newman Hall and the vast majority of students in private accommodation who might be looking for companionship and accompaniment during their time at university.


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Dates for the Diary:

Regular Events:

Chaplaincy Mass @Cardiff Catholic Cathedral, Charles St, followed by social.

While we wait for the Aquinas hall at the back of 62 Park Place to become available (BAM contractors, who are working on the Student Life Centre are currently renting this space out), we are offering a 5.30pm Sunday evening Mass for staff and students at the Cathedral in Charles St, Cardiff followed by a social in one of the local hospitality venues. The first of these will commence Sunday 19th September.

Journey inĀ Faith- Monday evenings @62 Park Place from 4th Oct onwards

This is an opportunity for those staff & students interested in becoming Catholic, or Catholics who just want to go back to the basics and learn the fundamental teachings of their Catholic faith to work through the basics in a discussion group format. We will see how the Old and New Testaments point towards the person of Christ, seeing where the Sacraments, the teaching authority of the Church and our own experience of prayer fit into this. This will be a group discussion.

Pints with Aquinas- Friday evenings @62 Park PlaceĀ from 8th Oct onwards

A guided tour through the works of one of the most important Doctors of the Church and the patron saint of students; St Thomas Aquinas and his Summa Theologica; comparing his thought with other theologians such as St Augustine of Hippo, Bonaventure, Duns Scotus and William of Ockham. We will also look through some of the thought of the Greek philosophers Aristotle and Plato, from whom many of these drew their structure (either accepting or rejecting individual ideas). Apart from going through the discussion of Creation, the “5 ways” proofs of the existence of God, the Trinity, Christian Anthropology, the Church & the Sacraments, during these sessions, we will also learn the importance of philosophy as a foundation module through which to understand theology. We will discuss topics such as syllogistic logic, personhood & identity, metaphysics & substance and realism vs nominalism.